My name is Nicholas Chance, I'm twenty-seven years old, and I'm a photographer/videographer based out of Birmingham, Alabama.
I've spent the last five to six years actively touring as a musician, photographer and videographer, specializing in concert/artist photography and videography; outside of that, I love to practice my landscape and street photography whenever I get the chance. 
Photo: Trevor Sweeney
A rough template for my normal rates for photo and video work can be found listed below. You can always feel free to message or email me to discuss pricing for your shoot.
Live Photo - $50
Live Video - $75
Live Photo/Video - $150
Promo Session - $150
Music Videos - Starting at $450
Half-hour Session - $45
Hour Long Session - $75
Promotional Content (for businesses):
Promotional Photo Shoot - $150
Promotional Video Shoot - Starting at $300
*Prices subject to change, dependent upon location, distance traveled, gear rental, and travel fees incurred.

Photo: Trevor Sweeney

Thank you for taking the time to check out my work! If you like it, or have any interest in creating something with me, please visit the Contact page, or send me an email over at
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